About the 431 Exchange:

Continuing a Legacy

The Adult Education Center (AEC) on Exchange Place in New Orleans provided innovative vocational training to 431 inspirational women from 1965 to 1972. These women went on become the first black secretaries to integrate the multinational corporations and local businesses of the city. Eventually their impact spread throughout the South and helped pave the way for equal employment opportunity for all American citizens. Now, descendants of the educators who founded the school have created The 431 Exchange: a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that nationally advocates on behalf of adult education and social justice issues.

Our Mission 

Support adult education and social justice initiatives throughout the country. Our programs include advocacy, fundraising, and a scholarship fund.

Steps Forward 

The 431 Exchange is a multi-pronged, mission-driven organization. We have regular events that unite alumni of the Adult Education Center with members of local communities in order to share and contextualize the value of adult education – both during the Civil Rights Era and in today's world. We have also created a book that relates the triumphant story of our former students and founder Alice Geoffray; it is a story of perseverance and optimism, and is powerful enough to change the very narrative around adult education in this country. We are also developing a scholarship fund that will specifically support adults who are seeking professional training for their chosen career.