We unpacked over 200 AEC photos!


For over fifty years, mom, and now Jeff and me, have been holding on to pictures from the Adult Education Center.     

Over the past year, Jeff and I have looked at these pictures many, many times and think how beautiful you were. 

We catch ourselves examining every detail – your hair styles, your dresses, the amazement of how dressed up you got for school and more.  

It is now time to share them with you for you to travel down memory lane with us.  I know many of you lost your pictures during Hurricane Katrina.   

We have posted all of what we had in our files on the website – safe and waterproof!

We also could use a little help in identifying some of the pictures if you can.

If you should happen to have any photos to share with us to post, please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy the photos!

Jeanne Geoffray

AECMaya Eilam