"Exchange Place" Dallas Reading at The Cultured Cup

Sunday, January 13, 2019


On a cold Sunday in January, Jeff and I kicked off the book Exchange Place with a reading at The Cultured Cup in Dallas, Texas. Guests arrived and were welcomed by the store’s owners, Kyle Stewart and Phil Krampetz.  The traditional afternoon tea food selections were being served and the coffee, tea and champagne were flowing before we picked up the microphone to start the event.

Setting Up for the Reading Event – Phil Krampetz, Jeff Geoffray, Jeanne Geoffray and Kyle Stewart

Phil Krampetz and Kyle Stewart, Hosts and Owners of The Cultured Cup


Traditional Tea Selections by Kyra Effren – here are just a few of the offerings on that day.

Scones by Kyra Effren

Coconut Macaroons by Kyra Effren

Chocolate Mini Cupcakes by Kyra Effren


We were wondering,…  

Could we ever recreate the emotion that we experienced at the 2018 Reunion? 

Would Jeff’s part of the book captivate an audience of people who did not know the story of the Adult Education Center? 

Would others agree we had an incredible story?  

During the Q&A part of the program we planned, would anyone from the audience have questions for the 3 graduates – Joy Barbarin ’68, Connie Payton-Nevels ’70 and Raphael Morgan ’71 – who proudly represented the 431 graduates?


Raphael Morgan ’71, Connie Payton-Nevels ’70 and Joy Barbarin ‘68


YES to all!  

You could hear a pin drop during the reading.  The audience was enthusiastically receptive, the emotions were high and questions were asked of the graduates.  Lots of laughter and tears were flowing.   We should have provided tissues!  Most often asked question –– when can we buy the book?  We had to say “not yet” as our editor puts her touches on the chapters, Jeff sends the book to publishers, and television/movie options are pursued.


Jeanne Geoffray

Jeff Geoffray


To give you a taste of the reactions, here are just a few of the notes we received in the week following the event.


Xiaolan Zhou

Dear Jeanne,

Just want to drop a message to thank you and Jeff for bringing the book reading! Stephen and I AND our daughter Brinia, truly enjoyed the reading and meeting with some of the most extraordinary people! I, not as poised as Jeff, had tears rolling down several times during the reading. (Wasn’t prepared and didn’t have any tissue handy…) Can’t wait to know more about the many lives that the Adult Education Center has changed and the many stories wait to be shared. We are sending all the good energies for all channels to be open for the success of your book/film/series!

Thank you for inviting me to the 431 Exchange group on Facebook, Jeanne! I hope this part of the history gets to reach more people. If there is any way that we could get involved to help, please let us know! 

Thank you, Kyle and Phil, for introducing us to the story of Alice’s life, and for inviting us to the reading! It is a gift for our soul!

Xiaolan Zhou

Brinia Zhang


I felt  empowered – not only am I a student but a woman and a person of color.

Brinia Zhang

Hi, Jeanne, 

Thank you for the moving event. I enjoyed talking to you and Jeff to hear about your mother’s inspiring stories and the book/movie thoughts. 


Stephen Zhang

Pam King and Edith Meffley

Dear Jeanne and Julian,

What a wonderful celebration you master minded for the book, your mother, and her protégés.  Edith and I were uplifted by your sweet mother’s attitudes and achievements—and by the legacy she’s left through you and 431 women and more.  

As always, your branding was consistent and charming.  (A separate thank you is on its way to Kyle and Phil!)  

We look forward to updates on Exchange Place, to book signings and sitting in the audience when Jeff receives his Oscar.

You amaze us!   Love, Pam and Edith

Kurt Koenig


Jeanne and Jeff,

Congratulations on getting to this point in honoring your mom’s life, her work, and all the wonderful accomplishments of the Adult Education Center.  Continue to enjoy the journey – this clearly is a story that will be read, heard and seen by many more people in the upcoming months and years.  Best wishes as you move forward with the process and thanks for sharing this story with us.   

Kurt and Laura Koenig

Stephen Smith and Dee Ann Douglas

The best afternoon EVER at The Cup!

Mesmerizing and I can hardly wait to get my hands on it!! I again want you to know just how grateful I am for The Cup!   You and Phil make such a difference in many of our lives beyond words.  I’m very serious.  You all are the CHEERS of the coffee/tea world and a Mecca of learning.  I always come away having learned something.  Love you guys tons!  Grateful for the day I walked into your place in Addison!  Please dreams!  I am off to bed while reminiscing over today’s amazing event!

Dee Ann Douglas

Jeff Geoffray, Connie Payton-Nevels and Lynne Kennedy


So proud of what you and Jeff have created.   Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Connie Payton-Nevels, ‘70

Raphael Morgan


The book is truly an example of an amazing story.

Raphael Morgan ‘71

Jeanne Geoffray, Helen Delph and Julian Buenger


It was an amazing, almost overwhelming, event. Somehow, hope and sadness and shame and gratitude and anxiety and laughter came together in that small room.  And hope prevails. I look forward to learning more about your mother and these women and your siblings.

Helen Delph

Ginan Kalenik and Marilyn Paris


What a terrific event! And yes, I too also had tears in my eyes! What a marvelous thing you and Jeff are doing to honor your mother. I know that Alice is so proud of you both. Good job! And may each gathering be bigger and better.

Thanks for inviting me. I enjoyed it immensely.

Marilyn Paris

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