Cecile Scorza, Class of 1968

Cecile Scorza

Cecile Scorza

I was told about the Adult Education Center by Mary Billington

The day she was going to apply for school she asked if I wanted to come.  I told her yes. Now I had a job, but I wanted a better one.  I went with her and as we approached Exchange Place (which looked like a dreary, dirty street, very quiet and scary), I was afraid.  I walked very slowly and a distance behind her.

Now I had a job, but I wanted a better one.

When we approached the door, Mrs. Geoffray was standing there and she asked if we had come to apply for the program.  She welcomed us with a smile.  Being told about the program, it was a nine-month one and, after completion, if you have applied yourself you will get a job.  Unbelievable, but I took that chance because I was told I could come back to my old job.  Listening to the instructions of the AEC program, I was excited knowing I would get a job.

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The better job would help me to support my family and prepare my son for a college education.  I had my new job before I finished the program.  I was accepted by Shell Oil Company where I worked for 24 years and received an early retirement package with excellent benefits that I still have today.  Thanks to God, Mrs. Geoffray, Mr. Coleman, Dutch Morial, teachers and other businesspeople who made all of my dreams come true.